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Holman Library serves Green River Community College in Auburn, WA.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Duplex Printing: Save Trees

It is now possible to print duplex (two-sided) in the library! By summer quarter, duplex (two-sided) should be the default setting. But if you want to print duplex now, you can choose that option.

Duplex printing also saves you money. If you print two pages of information on two pages of paper, it will cost you 20 cents. However, if you print two pages of information on one page of paper, using duplex printing, it will cost you 10 cents.

If you are printing an assignment, please check with your instructor to make sure that they will accept double-sided assignments.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Washington Rural Heritage Project

If you love local history, the Washington Rural Heritage Project will excite you! "Washington Rural Heritage (WRH) is an online aggregation of special collections from small and rural communities throughout the state of Washington. It features items important to Washington's history, culture, places, and people. "

"Ritzville Heritage was the first collection added to Washington Rural Heritage, an online collection of items from small and rural communities in Washington State. It includes images, documents, newspapers, and more that document the history of Ritzville in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries."

The images included here are the "Jaycee Cattle Parade" which is described as "Steers in procession through downtown Ritzville on "D" street (now Washington St.)" and "Washington Water Power promoting the electric stove by having cooking classes conducted and attended by men. "Watch for more areas to be added soon.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Library Closed for Memorial Day

Holman Library will be closed on Monday, May 26th for Memorial Day. However, the library will be open as usual on Sunday, May 25th.