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Monday, April 24, 2006

Today's Document

The National Archives and Records Administration website features Today's Document--a document, record, or photograph from its holdings relating to the current day. It includes a copy of the image and links to related educational material. Today's Today's Document is an urgent letter from Secretary of War Henry Stimson to President Harry S. Truman dated April 24, 1945 requesting a meeting to discuss the Manhatten Project.

Click to access Today's Document.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Did you know the library has newspapers? If you like to sit in a comfortable chair and read the newspaper, you should come to the second floor of the library and enjoy a seat by the window and read the following papers: King County Journal, News Tribune, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle Times, and Wall Street Journal. We keep these papers upstairs for approximately one week and then at the Circulation Desk for a second week.

However, if you prefer reading newspapers online, you should try out some of our databases. Through Proquest, we have access to 18 Washington state newspapers from the Columbian to the Yakima Herald. We also have nine national newspapers, from the Christian Science Monitor to the Washington Post.

If you like browsing through old newspapers, reading stories and looking at old photographs and advertisements, you should try out the Historical Newspapers database. Through this, you can access the New York Times from the mid 1800s.

The newspaper databases can be used in the library. You can also access them from outside the library, by entering your Green River Community College student or staff identification number.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Hurricane Katrina: GRCC has not forgotten

Yesterday, the library hosted a very successful bake sale at which we raised over $600 for the American Libraries Association Hurricane Katrina Library Relief Fund. Our bakers included library staff members and their families and Library Advisory Committee members. Repeatedly we had people thanking us for making the effort and remembering those affected by Hurricane Katrina. However, a bake sale without buyers can’t be a success. So thank you to the many people who supported our cause and helped us to double our apparently modest goal of $300. It was heartwarming to work the bake sale table and see how many people refused their change (from 25 cents to $9!) and how many people put big bills in our donation jar.

Our goal was to both raise money and raise awareness. If you did not get a chance to see it yesterday, please take a look at our PowerPoint presentation which documents some of the extensive damage to libraries in the Gulf Coast Region: http://www.library.greenriver.edu/reserves/KatrinaLibraryReliefFund.ppt

This week, National Library Week, the American Library Association (ALA) presented $100,000 to the Rebuild Mississippi Libraries Fund. Since September 2005, $300,000 has been raised through the ALA for all Gulf Coast libraries impacted by the hurricane. However, it will take $40 million to rebuild just the public libraries in one state, Mississippi. It took minutes to destroy these libraries, but it will take years to rebuild them. It isn’t too late to donate! A secure, online form makes donating through the ALA easy: https://secure.ga3.org/03/alakatrina.

Thank you so much for helping us with our cause!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bake Sale to Support Libraries Impacted by Hurricane Katrina

To mark National Library Week (April 2-8), Holman Library is hosting a bake sale, and all proceeds will go to the American Library Association Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund. Numerous libraries in the Gulf Region were severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Some libraries will have to be totally rebuilt.

So, please stop by the library on Thursday, April 6, between 9:30AM and 1:30PM (or, while supplies last), and enjoy some goodies and help these libraries recover. If you don't want the calories, you can contribute to our donation jar.